Robin Elaine McCain


Robin Elaine McCain is a pioneer in applied multimedia, computer graphics and theatrical productions. She is a member of the Producers Guild of America (PGA) and is a principal in the production company Cinematiks.

She filled several production roles in the recently released feature documentary Elly and Henry - co-producer, sound, grip, and visual effects artist.

Robin stars in the comedy/cooking Evil Auntie series. Earlier she was co-producer and responsible for digital visual effects (as well as more traditional special effects) on God Wears My Underwear, a film about reincarnation, gender issues and the Holocaust.

As a result of her exploration of the Internet as a performance space, she has extensive expertise in networked multimedia, network engineering, network / physical security and has worked as a consultant for major corporations and non-profits in the Bay area for the past decade.

McCain has co-produced over two dozen projects with Leslie Streit. Most notably, Vlad Dracula in the Year 2000 (1994), a multimedia stage production which toured to the Edinburgh Festival and provided the inspiration for VD2001 (1996) the first serial on the World Wide Web (winner of several awards) and led to the experimental movie Vampires in Cyberspace. Eyewitness (1999) an internationally acclaimed short film. Anarchist, a graphic novel on the Internet.

McCain co-incorporated NewName Performance in 1989 at which time she was appointed as Technical Director and converted an industrial space into the alternative Nouveau Theater. She has been a member of USITT, Bay Area Video Coalition, Film Arts Foundation and appears in Who's Who. An Internet contributor/user/explorer since 1983 (pre-DNS days), she ran the Earth-Rite BBS from 1984 to 1989 and built her first web page in 1995.

Her early work in stage lighting, sound and scene construction under the mentorship of John Lynn Sanford for Memphis Children's Theater (at the Fairgrounds) and Theater Memphis led her to a B.A. degree in radio/tv/film & technical theater from Rhodes College.

Published articles include:
Starting your own BBS What it takes to run a Bulletin Board, The Computer Journal #28 p 6-8
555 Timer turns beep into warble or chirp, EDN August 4, 1988 p 209
New Microcontrollers have Smarts Program with ROM based On-Chip BASIC or Forth, The Computer Journal #34 p 26-28